What we do

The following are the steps we follow to ensure that we are delivering top quality video to you every time.




The easiest way to start is by listening to you. We feel it’s incredibly important to understand what sparked your idea, identify the objectives and uncover how you plan to use the video.. During this step, we ask quite a few questions, listen and give suggestions. Or, on the other hand if needed, we can help you create this vision to meet your ideal outcome. 



After taking what we learned or created in step 01. We work together to identify the framework for the video and address any items necessary to make sure everyone is on the same page. At this time we may deem is a necessity to revisit 01 to gather more information. We will discuss other elements of the process such as layout, music, graphics, voice over and more. After every one is comfortable moving forward we will start the actual video filming. 





During this part of our process, we orchestrate the filming, develop motion graphics, complete sound design and more.

We combine all of the resources required to bring the vision of the project to life. Within this process, you can expect to see two versions of your video before we finalize and complete the project. A rough cut provides a first impression, the final cut includes adjustments from you or your team and  provides a way to check for any last-second tweaks before we prepare for release.